About us

   Hi everyone, thanks for checking us out!

I’m Jesse Neese, an artist, creative weirdo and master tattooist with 21 years of experience making people’s ideas come to life for them.

I love tattooing and getting to make art that is so personal for each client, but long hours working on large custom tattoos means that I don’t get to see my awesome family enough. To fix that, we’ve started up a little family business that we hope you’ll have as much fun with as we are.

I’ve had a lifelong love of games and fondly remember hours of playing classic board games with my parents, cards with my mom’s family, and discovering roleplaying, live-action and tabletop miniatures games with friends. I worked at a hobby store as a teen and became well versed in many of the awesome model railroad scenery building techniques and how I could apply them to sci-fi tabletop battles, fantasy settings and dioramas.

I managed a great local comic & games store and worked at a theatrical scenic studio while getting degrees in both Fine Art and Dramatic Arts, where I directed and designed sets, costumes and props.

All of this is to say that I love creating things and have done a lot of it by hand for decades. You can’t name a glue that I haven’t used for something. I’m utilizing a 3D scanner to turn cool things I’ve made already into STL files that can be printed and learning digital sculpting with Zbrush a little more each day.

I’m lucky to have found a really cool wife who also grew up with the same love of gaming. Our two teenagers are full of boundless creative energy and are growing up in a house where any manner of ways to create are at hand. Seeing them devise character ideas, map dungeons, invent languages, design games for each other to play, and regularly invent their own fun is the best.

We came up with the idea for Permanent Nerd Damage Studios as a way to share that spirit with everyone. We’re beginning with miniatures and scenery, but already have ideas in the works for some roleplaying modules for existing popular games as well as our own card, dice and boardgames.

We’ll keep you updated on here and give you sneak peeks at what we’re working on as well as behind-the-scenes views of our art goblins at work.

Thank you so much for supporting Permanent Nerd Damage!

For art commissions please email Jesse at nuclearjesse@gmail.com

You can check out Jesse’s artwork at http://jesse_neese.artstation.com and his 
tattoo work at https://nuclear-ink.com/